our beginning

Six thousand miles separated brothers Ken and Matt, but good beer kept them close.

Ken was living in Baltimore while Matt was working overseas. Despite the distance, they spoke almost daily about new beers they had either tried or brewed. Shortly after, Matt came to Baltimore, and the two set off on their annual hike along the Appalachian Trail. It was on that trip they began discussing a family brewery; one that would become part of the Baltimore community. After their return, they put pen to paper, and Monument City Brewing Company was born.

Matt moved to Baltimore, and the two immediately got to work building a pilot brewing system and perfecting their recipes. Their focus was on producing honest craft beer using traditional American brewing methods.

Today, the beer that began as a conversation across two continents is ready for you to enjoy with your own family and friends. Here's to the things that matter most, and here's to great beer!

The team

KEN PRAAY   Co-Founder - Director of Sales & Business Ops

Co-Founder - Director of Sales & Business Ops

MATTHEW PRAAY   Co-Founder - Director of Brewery Ops

Co-Founder - Director of Brewery Ops

DAVE THOMPSON    Head Brewer

Head Brewer

JACK OBERMAIER   Packaging & Taproom

Packaging & Taproom

KIM PRAAY   Office Manager

Office Manager

WILLOW   Pest Control

Pest Control


our tap handles


Monument City tap handles are crafted from first growth Douglas Fir cut over one hundred years ago. The wood was originally purposed to construct mash tanks for the Melville Distillery right here in Baltimore around 1910. Starting in the 50's, the vessels were reused to hold vinegar. They were eventually taken off-line as the company transitioned to stainless steel.

The wooden tanks were dismantled and reclaimed by local Baltimore woodturning shop Mark Supik & Co. The lumber had to be removed one plank at a time and air dried to allow the wood to slowly stabilize. The lumber was then hand milled into custom three sided tap handles that were designed by Baltimore-based Orange Element and screen printed by Baltimore Print Studios

Each tap handle is unique and handcrafted, just like our beers. If you'd like to purchase one of these original tap handles, visit our online store here.